Roads still snowpacked, icy after Tuesday storm

Published On: Feb 08 2014 01:47:24 PM CST
Roads still snow packed and icy

How bad are streets in Wichita? Depends on who you ask.

For many, the snow packed side streets and slushy Wichita roads are frustrating, as interstates and highways become dry.

"I was shocked when I got off 96 that nothing had been touched," said one driver who was visiting Wichita. "Even Central is snow packed.  I’m from SE Kansas and these roads are a lot worse than what I left this morning."

Her town received 6-7 inches of snow, but she said the roads are nothing like that of those in Wichita.

Another driver, Robert Gulley has a different view. He lives in North Carolina, but grew up in Seattle.

"I've seen roads much worse than this," he said. "I mean it snowed, but the roads are not in that bad of shape. I was expecting a lot worse from what I heard."

He said North Carolina had six inches of snow and only plowed two roads.

"All the side streets weren't plowed," he said. "I heard it was very difficult to get around. We went to Pennsylvania over the holiday break and they shut down Highway 78 for two inches of snow because they had over 40 wrecks."

Many understand the difficulty for city crews as temperatures stay below freezing.

"Until it gets into the 20s or 30s the salt mixture is not going to be as affective so people need to slow down, I've seen a lot of near misses," said WSU student Tom Jones. "The way I see people drive I think people just chose to disregard it because they're driving like it's 80 degrees out. "

FactFinder 12 found that rock salt only works when temps are above 20 degrees. And even then it takes about 20 minutes to embed itself in the snow and begin to melt.

Until roads thaw out, motorists warn others to keep it slow.

"People still need to be cautious because it's still bad," said Mary Covington. "It's pretty snow packed, and I noticed on the way home from school yesterday 3 or 4 cars in the ditches."