More states affected by respiratory virus

Published On: Sep 03 2014 06:40:43 PM CDT   Updated On: Sep 07 2014 10:30:01 PM CDT

Update: The Centers for Disease Control reports ten states with symptoms similar to enterovirus-68,  including areas in Kansas, Colorado, Missouri and Oklahoma.

Health experts describe the best ways to protect your kids from the disease.

"The germicidal disinfectant is important in the classroom and make sure they know to wash their hands as much as possible during the day," said Christine Steward with the Sedgwick County Health Department.

Dozens of kids in Denver are getting treatment at the hospital, after coming down with a potentially deadly respiratory virus. Doctors say they have seen symptoms in hundreds of others across the Midwest.

One Wichita mom says she's keeping a watchful eye on her kids, and trying to prevent them from getting sick.

"Washing hands, disinfectant spray, Lysol wipes, we area stocked on that stuff," said Stasha Houser.


The virus is early and more aggressive.

Doctors in Wichita are treating an unusual respiratory virus that's putting some kids in the hospital.

It's called the enterovirus. It's similar to a rhinovirus which causes the common cold, but can lead to viral mennigitis.

The difference this year according to doctors at Via Christi is how aggressive both viruses are this year.

Pediatrician Dr. Amy Seery says kids with asthma are already at higher risk, but this strain is even affecting healthy children.      

"This strain is causing more respiratory symptoms and in people who can normally handle cough and cold season."

Here's what parents need to know: The virus will have many of the same symptoms as a cold, but you need to see your doctor if your child has a fever that won't respond to Motrin or Tylenol or if your child is having trouble breathing.

Children are responding to hospital treatment--which includes giving asthma medicine even if they don't have asthma.