Psychologist weighs in on attempted bombing suspect

Published On: Dec 17 2013 10:43:03 PM CST   Updated On: Dec 18 2013 01:36:00 PM CST

Terry Loewen matches the profile of others who have attempted bombings and mass shootings.

That’s psychologist Howard Brodsky’s take on Lowen, the Wichita man who was arrested and charged in federal court for attempting to blow up Mid-Continent Airport in a suicide bombing last week.

“I’m convinced a guy like that thinks he is going to be the hero,” Brodsky said. “He thinks he is going to be the modern Robin Hood. He’s destroying a ‘bad’ system … it doesn’t make sense.

“He’s looking for a way to deal with this anger. Somehow he feels like he’s some kind of victim; his needs were not met. So therefore, in his head, he’s got a right to go out and do something. And it’s fashionable right now to find a cause to do it with.”

That cause  according to the U.S. Attorney - was Islamic Jihad. But Brodsky says Loewen could have just as easily concocted some other reason to justify violence.

“This is a fantasy world that he’s managed to find himself in,” Brodsky said. “He somehow thinks if he does this, you know what is going to happen? Everybody is going to understand him. Everybody is going to understand his plight. Now he’s the hero.”
After decades in psychology, Brodsky says he’s discovered that this kind of thinking is more common that you may imagine.

“It is scary how many guys are out there that think this way,” he said.