Pray Angry? Congregations full of Shocker fans

Published On: Mar 23 2014 12:47:58 PM CDT   Updated On: Mar 23 2014 12:49:00 PM CDT
Wichita churches Pray Angry

May not be any angry worshipers, but when games land on Sunday's you can bet the congregation is full of black and yellow.

It's also not surprising to see fewer people in the seats when games fall during service times, like Sunday's match up of KU vs Stanford. Many Wichita churches are just glad the Shockers game was Sunday afternoon.

"I was the first one thanking God for that, that we weren’t going to conflict with the Shockers," said Pastor David Welsh, Central Christian Church.

He's sure to watch the game with his alma mater, University of Kentucky, playing his new "adopted" team Wichita State University. This Sunday he was rocking his Shocker shirt on the podium.

"What tends to happen is people will choose what service to go to depending on when the schedule for a game falls on," said Eddie Rivera, Visual Media and IT Director at Central Christian Church.

Many still find a time to go to church before the game, but many still have Shockers on the mind.

"Number one, the Lord is first on Sunday for me, then the Shockers," said Ann Davidson, getting ready for the morning service.

And others "Pray Angry" for another Shocker win.

"I was in church this morning and I said 'OK I’m going to pray about it and ask God to help them through this, give them the strength, courage and challenge to win," said Angie Caulk, dressed in a yellow "Play Angry" shirt. "Then I thought maybe God doesn’t want me to pray for that, but I’m praying anyway and I said GO SHOCKERS!"