Pratt Co. Sheriff warns of telephone scams

Published On: Jan 14 2014 02:24:06 PM CST
FactFinder 12 Don't Fall For It

The Pratt County Sheriff is warning residents about several phone scams. Sheriff Vernon Chinn says several residents have been targeted, though there have been no reports of anyone giving out personal information.

One caller says the person has won a large sum of money and a UPS truck will be at the house to deliver the money. The caller then asks for some personal information to complete the delivery.

Another caller claims to be the person's grandson and in jail. They claim to need bail money wired to them in another part of the country.

Another caller claims to be from the Pratt County Court and that the person is delinquent on taxes. The caller then urges the person to call 425-214-0746 and talk with them to avoid being arrested. Sheriff Chinn says the number is not a working number, but the caller tries to get personal information.

Sheriff Chinn says it's important to never give out personal information to people who call you. He says the court, sheriff's office, or any government agency is not going to call you on the phone about your bill, nor will they threaten you if you don't pay.

Sheriff Chinn is asking residents to simply hang up and not talk with these callers at all. He says many of the calls start with "Mr/Mrs (last name), how are things out in Pratt?" or "how it the weather?"

He says that it's not safe, in today's society, to talk with strangers over the phone. He adds that there is not a safe way to talk with these callers and urges people to just hang up instead of keeping them on the line.