Pompeo wheat ad stirs controversy

Published On: Aug 06 2014 08:48:45 AM CDT   Updated On: Jul 03 2014 06:56:42 PM CDT

If there's one thing Kansas has a lot of it's wheat fields. So why is it Wichita Rep. Mike Pompeo couldn't use one in a recent commercial titled Good Kansas Jobs?

"First off, the wheat looked pretty good and Kansas' wheat doesn't look so great this year," said Brian Sieker, a wheat grower and farm equipment salesman from Chase. Sieker told FactFinder 12 something seemed off when a short clip of video came on his TV set.

Sieker knows combines.  He says it was clear to him from the color scheme and style the combines shown in the ad are European models not available in the U.S.  FactFinder 12 checked with Claas, the company that makes the combine and a manager confirmed the model shown is only available in Europe.  He also said that wheat is a different type from what is grown in Kansas.

"It was interesting that with all harvests going on right now, all the wheat that's out there that there wouldn't have been a local picture or local video worthy enough of a commercial trying to get Kansans to vote for someone," says Sieker.

He tweeted out a picture days ago and directed it to the congressman.  Pompeo's campaign manager Jim Richardson tells us the decision was then made to replace the clip.  Although, Richardson says he still believes the original video was from Kansas.

The Pompeo campaign emailed this statement: "Our Wichita-based creative team made a choice on a two-second b-roll clip. The reality is that Mike Pompeo is supported by Kansas Farm Bureau and Kansas Livestock Association. He has fought very hard for our farmers and ranchers."

Sieker doesn't live in the same voting district as the Pompeo/Tiahrt race and says he isn't taking a side.  However, he did have this message for Pompeo:

"He's representing his district, but he's also representing Kansas ... Kansas is the wheat state.  It would be important to show Kansas harvest."

It's also worth mentioning Pomeo's team had the spot locally produced, which is rare for campaign commercials. most of them are done in Washington D.C.