Pompeo v. Tiahrt debate: word cloud

Published On: Aug 06 2014 10:07:41 AM CDT   Updated On: Jul 22 2014 12:35:51 PM CDT

Government. Washington. Now.

Those words uttered most during a debate between Republican candidates eying the 4th district Congressional seat.

Eyewitness News used Wordle to make a word cloud of the transcript for the debate. The words that were said the most are the largest.

Congressman Mike Pompeo, R-Kansas, hit big on government several times during Monday's forum. Kansas also stood out. 

Click to Enlarge Pompeo Word Cloud



Former Congressman Todd Tiahrt, who is challenging Pompeo, focused on now, need and farmers.

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Something that didn't stand out was Obama, neither candidate really mentioned the president's name, other than referring to a question on Obamacare.

FactFinder 12 investigators are also looking at every word spoken during the debate, to see how accurate the candidates statements were. Coverage will continue with a fact check Tuesday.

The candidates will face off during the primary August 5.