Pocket Hose Ultra: Does It Work?

Published On: May 28 2014 07:01:31 PM CDT   Updated On: May 28 2014 10:23:03 PM CDT

Last spring, our tester said the original "Pocket Hose" worked. 

Our viewers liked the light-weight expandable hose too... for a while.  Some of you contacted Does It Work after using the hose, saying the plastic fittings broke. 

The company claims to have fixed that problem with the "Pocket Hose Ultra."

The commercial says, "it's equipped with tight seal technology guaranteed to give you a water tight seal every time.  The secret is the super strong material of the amber-tipped connectors—three times strong than the original." 

We took advantage of a special offer and got two 25-feet-long "Pocket Hose Ultras" for $30.97.  That includes shipping and handling.

We took them to a place we knew they would be well used—the demonstration garden at the Sedgwick County Extension Office.

"In our demonstration garden, depending on the time of year, we could be watering every day,” Extension Agent Rebecca McMahon said.

Rebecca looked through the instructions and replaced the old heavy hose with the two "Pocket Hose Ultras."  After making sure the connectors are tight and not leaking, she takes the hose for its initial round of watering.

We leave the hoses with Rebecca for a month.

Come May, Rebecca is still using the "Pocket Hose Ultra."

"In one month's use, so far so good,” Rebecca said.

Rebecca says it held up.  And, although it didn't kink, it did occasionally knot-up.  Also, Rebecca worries about the long-term wear and tear of a Kansas summer.

"I think the question I would have is plastic going through a hot summer, that's when it's going to get really brittle,” Rebecca said.

Does this work?

"Yes, so far,” Rebecca said.

Remember we only tested this for a month.  We checked-out some reviews online at Amazon and found customers had similar complaints about the "Pocket Hose Ultra" that they had with the original.