Planters take advantage of the sunny Saturday

Published On: Apr 12 2014 04:44:51 PM CDT   Updated On: Apr 12 2014 09:49:47 PM CDT
Wichita, Kan. -

Temperatures were over 80 Saturday and Wichitans used the day to get their dirty work done.

"It's a little windy and I'm covered in a layer of dirt from being out this morning but that's okay," said Tracy Anderson.

"Oh, people are out buying annuals, veggies and trees and shrubs, anything to get some color," said Sherri Breault, manager at Tree Top Nursery & Landscaping.

Breault says growing season in Kansas typically starts around mid-April but with the steady warm-up, people are starting a little early this year.

"They're anxious to plant but they want to make sure that what they plant they're replacing next week," said Breault.

Temperatures are warm and breezy but Storm Team 12 says the temperatures will cool down early next week, possibly with a wintry mix. 

Larry Winfrey and his wife say this is perfect for the bushes they want to plant.

"I heard it's gonna rain and we wanna get them in, get them started so they look real nice out in the yard," said Winfrey.

If it does freeze again, Breaut says don't fret.

"If you place a frost cover or a sheet or a towel, that helps to keep that plant from freezing that night," she said.

From the looks of things at Tree Top, spring is in bloom.