Parents brace for students' chilly return to school

Published On: Jan 03 2014 04:17:30 PM CST   Updated On: Jan 05 2014 08:45:10 PM CST

Classes at Wichita schools are set to resume Monday, the same time a wintery blast is set to hit the area.

During a post on social media, the district said, "Based on projected weather conditions and the status of our buildings, students will return to class Monday, Jan. 6. Students who ride the bus should prepare for possible delays, though school buses have been checked and rechecked throughout the weekend and are prepared for Monday morning."

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Christiane Doom as three children, and she's already planning on how to get them to school safely.

"It's a process, especially with three. We really have to lay clothes out the night before or it doesn't go very smoothly," Doom said.

Forecasts have Wichita at or below zero degrees on Monday. School officials say it's too soon to decided whether or not to close schools. They will look at several factors when they make that decision, including temperatures, snow, wind and driving conditions.

Whether or not school is canceled Dr. Francie Ekengren at Wesley Medical Center says it's important for parents to bundle up their kids.

"Anytime the weather gets that cold you have to be careful about being out and being exposed for an extended period of time," Ekengren said.

Dr. Ekengren says Wesley's ER sees several hypothermia and frostbite cases this time of year.

"The big issue is frostbite. If you are out there and exposed for a even a little while you can really get your extremities in trouble," Ekengren said.

Doom plans on watching the forecast and says if the weather gets bad enough, she'll keep her kids at home.
"I like snow days, even if it's just too cold. I think it's just nice to stay home and stay by the fire and just not go anywhere," Doom said.