Police arrest adult, teen in Planeview homicde

Published On: May 14 2014 12:03:57 AM CDT   Updated On: May 23 2014 10:24:58 AM CDT

Update - May 23: Wichita police have arrested two people in connection with this homicide from May 13.  Police say they arrested Jose Fortiz and a teenage boy.  

Police say both suspects are documented gang members.


Family has identified the victim of a deadly shooting in Planeview Tuesday night at 24-year old Nichole Saldana.

Police say Saldana and her husband were walking down the street in the 3500 block of E. Roseberry around 11:30 p.m., when someone started shooting.

Saldana was shot in the head, and died from her injuries.

Police say several people heard gun shots in the area, but no one saw where they were coming from. Police say multiple guns were used.

"We are still unsure if there was a confrontation or not," said Wichita Police Lieutenant Todd Ojile.

Around 1:30 a.m.,Ojile says the SWAT team was called to a nearby home after evidence from the shooting was found outside. They detained one person for questioning and cleared the home, but no one was arrested.

Police said Saldana's husband was a documented gang member, but it is unknown if either were intended targets.

This is Wichita's seventh homicide.