Northwest students create unique music video

Published On: May 21 2014 04:33:06 PM CDT   Updated On: May 21 2014 10:25:08 PM CDT

Students at Northwest High School create a unique end of the year music video that is getting thousands of hits on Youtube.

"A lot of people made jokes that our school didn't have school spirit," said Sophomore Lane Stanberry.

It's called a lip dub. In this case, students taped themselves lip synching the song "Happy" by Pharrell Williams.

"A lot of us were kinda worried if it would turn out good or not," said Junior Taylor Webber.

"I just thought it was a really cool way to get the whole school together at one time to do something big like this," said Student Sarah Crigler.

Teacher Mrs. Morse pitched the idea.

Three weeks later and after one practice run, a crew of less than 20 students created the video with the help of 54 lip synchers and at least one thousand others in the background.

All of it was shot in one take.
"The camera person was in a wheelchair and we had someone pushing them and they filmed the whole thing around the school," said Webber. "We had to get a route put together, she got us a map and we marked where everyone was going to be at."

"I had a part over there by the cafeteria with my friend Brady," Stanberry said

Actually I didn't go to one of my classes because I was busy helping to orchestrate it and we spent lunch working on it and all that," said Student Haley Cooper. "It was quite the time commitment, but it was completely worth it."

But their favorite part of the video, was actually in the outtakes at the end.

"One of my teacher's, Mr. Cox, his dancing was amazing," Stanberry said.

"He is a really popular teacher around here, so I think his dance made a lot of people happy," Cooper added.

Just don't ask these students to sing Happy again.

"We made jokes that we never want to hear the song again because we've heard it so many times," Stanberry said.

They hope to top the video next year.