Night View NV glasses: Does it Work?

Published On: Mar 19 2014 07:26:47 PM CDT
Night view NV glasses


They are a $9.95 pair of glasses that could make you look like a movie star.

Night View NV glasses claim to clear and brighten fuzzy and dull images. We paid about $32 for two pairs, after shipping and handling.

Dr. Trevor Askew, Grene Vision Group, tested the product.

In an exam room, with the lights off, Dr. Askew said the glasses make the borders of the letters more distinct. But the stylish, yellow  glasses aren’t going to correct a vision problem.

"Just a little more distinct, one versus the other," Dr. Askew said. "It's the same reason hunters use it for skeet shooting. It helps increase the contrast.

Dr. Askew also tested the glasses behind the wheel. The commercial says the glasses also help with the glare from headlights.

"I didn't find that they helped with the headlights, but it did make the signs a little more distinct," Dr. Askew said.

Do they work?

"They do work. They don't fix everything, but they make borders more distinct and things just a little more crisp," Dr. Askew said.

Dr. Askew said these are not going to correct any vision problems. But if you already have good vision, and you feel like you're getting extra glare or signs look fuzzy, these could help you with that. Of course, he recommends you see an eye doctor if you have any vision problems.