New troubles discovered in Barton Co. treasurer's office

Published On: Jul 17 2014 09:36:44 PM CDT
barton co

Barton County employees reimbursed the county if balances were off, according to auditors.

The issue is the latest troubles for the Barton County Treasurer's office. The department recently discovered its booked were off, $500,000 more than expected.

The county hired an outside firm to investigate. The auditor found if a balance was off at the end of the day, employees had to make up the difference, which is illegal.

Richard Boeckman, County Administrator, he is working to get former and current employees reimbursed.

"I'm sure nobody has any records," Boeckman said. "It's going to be an honor system type of thing. I'm hoping we can make it up to these employees that had to take money out of their own budget."

Boeckman said it's unclear how long the practice went on, or how much money employees gave. The county treasurer's office did not comment on the latest development.