Mother warns of danger of infant influenza

Published On: Jan 06 2014 10:34:42 PM CST   Updated On: Jan 13 2014 05:45:45 PM CST

Children younger than six months are at higher risk for serious flu related cases. A Dodge City mother is dealing with that right now.

Five-month-old Erin Nybarger’s daughter Faith has been at Wesley Hospital for the last two weeks now because of Influenza A. The last two weeks have been trying for the mom.

“Watching your child go through such a miserable time, nobody wants to see their child suffer the way she has with feeding tubes, tubes going all, with IVs, getting stuck all the time with needles,” she said.

The family has set up a “Friendship Fund for Faith” page, which can be seen here, to post updates on the girl’s progress.

Nybarger says she first began noticing that Faith had a minor cough. That cough progressed into fevers and sleeping all the time.

They went to the hospital in Dodge City and after tests there, Faith was air lifted to Wesley Medical Center in Wichita.

The flu has turned into bronchitis and also a minor case of pneumonia for the infant.

Her mother says it's been a roller coaster every day at the hospital.

Lyberger says she just has one thing to say so parents don't have to go through what she has.

"We just want to advise everybody to keep your kids inside make sure you're washing your hands,” she said. “… That flu can spread easily.”

Because of Faith’s age, five month, she is too young to get a flu shot. The influenza vaccine is not approved for children younger than six months.