More victims falling for Craigslist overpayment scam

Published On: Feb 10 2014 11:31:15 AM CST
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SALINA, Kan. -

Authorities in Salina are warning residents about a Craigslist MoneyGram scam that has cost victims hundreds of dollars.

The Salina Police Department said several victims have fallen prey recently. But officials said there may be more victims who have not reported the scam.

Victims were contacted by the scam suspects who agreed to purchase property for a fee. Payment for the property was sent in the form of a MoneyGram money order, or business-type check. The checks were made out higher than the agreed purchase price, but the suspect explained the over payment was a mistake. The victim was asked to send the remainder of the currency back to the purchaser using MoneyGram or another wire transfer method. 

Weeks later the MoneyGram or check would be returned by the victim's bank as being fraudulent, leaving the victim responsible for the full amount of money order lost, police said. 

This scam on average costs the victims between $500 and $2,200 dollars each.

Sellers are encouraged to deny payments made out in excess of the asking price, never send anyone you do not know large amounts of money, wait several weeks to receive confirmation the MoneyGram or check is official.

Victims or anyone with information in the scam should contact the Salina Police Department at 785-826-7210.