Mid-Continent travelers keep LAX in their thoughts

Published On: Nov 01 2013 07:35:27 PM CDT

It was business as usual at Wichita's Mid-Continent Airport Friday. Passengers checked in at the counter and went through the security check point, the only difference, passengers were a bit more patient with TSA agents.

During layovers passengers watched coverage of the LAX shooting on televisions. Diana Holland was one of those people. She was waiting to board a flight back to Florida.

"I travel every week for work. Those TSA agents are just people who are trying to make a living to support their families. My heart goes out to them," Holland said.

Holland's travels often take her to Los Angeles. She says it's one of the biggest airports she goes through. Holland says hundreds of people generally surround the security check points in LAX.

"It's just terminal after terminal after terminal. All those people had to be so scared," Holland said.

Holland says it's easy to get impatient with the TSA, but she wants travelers to know they are working hard for an important reason.

"They're here to keep us safe. I hope everyone keeps them in their thoughts and prayers and says thank you," Holland said.