Many digging out from 1st major snow storm

Published On: Dec 22 2013 09:15:59 PM CST   Updated On: Dec 22 2013 10:54:40 PM CST

Kansans are digging out from the first major snow fall of the season. Cities like Salina saw at least 12 inches of snow since Saturday.

"Comes with the territory you live in Kansas, you better have a 4-wheel drive vehicle or you are not going to do to well," said Victor Garcia who was digging out in Salina.

"I was happy to have a snow blower to blow it all out instead of shoveling it all," Garcia added.

After he got his own car out of the snow, Garcia made sure the rest of his family had help too.

Main roads have been plowed out and are pretty easy for drivers to get through, however for those drivers that didn't move their cars off the main roads it may take a while to dig out.

To folks like Gil Lobdell, the winter weather means money.

"Been doing this about 40 years on snow removal," Lobdell said.

The storm proved to be too much for his other snow blower, so he got a new one to get through the bigger mounds.

"The paddles won't go through this, it just tears up your equipment," Lobdell said. "We bought this one and it's a lot better, a lot easier than shoveling."

He and his crew have been working since midnight, and they have about 18 more homes to clear before their job is done.

"It's a money maker, you can't complain about it," Lobdell said.