Man turns trash into art for Smoky Hill River Festival

Published On: Jun 11 2014 05:08:16 PM CDT

Matthew Farley turned trash into treasure when created his display for the Smoky Hill River Festival.

His projected, titled Fetching Mettle, uses trash he found in the river to create three  floating millstones.

"For the festival, it seemed to me, the best way to honor the river that the festival is celebrating," Farley said. "I could see there was quite a bit of trash and litter and was able to use a boat and collected a lot."

The trash was placed in wooden sections that had a mesh bottom and he connected each piece to make the millstone. He uses a wide variety of trash in his art including cans, bottles and even old balls.

This is the second time Farley has created the floating display for the River Festival, but the first time he's made three separate millstones.