Local schools take precautions to fight the flu

Published On: Jan 15 2014 06:00:07 PM CST   Updated On: Jan 23 2014 01:56:18 PM CST

Schools in Kansas are taking precautions to try and keep influenza out of the classroom.

Classrooms seem to be a breeding ground for the virus, according to doctors, because of the close contact.

Tracy Mayfield, Griffith Elementary school nurse in Wichita, said she has tried to teach good hygiene habits through fun activities.

"I think that all the education that the teachers do, all the education that the school nurses, kind of promotes those healthy habits that hopefully is preventing the spread of the illness," she said.

She gives awards for children who wash their hands correctly. She said she feels the preventative measures have been working.

"We're not seeing as much yet until this week, and I started seeing the muscle aches the fevers, the coughs, our numbers are not huge right now but we are starting to see an increase in those kiddos that aren't feeling good," Mayfield said.

Parents should keep their children home if they have a fever greater than 101 degrees, doctors say. If the child suffers from respiratory problems like coughing or wheezing, or not being able to breathe right, you should take them to the doctor.