Local commercial on short list for Super Bowl

Published On: Dec 24 2013 05:57:27 PM CST   Updated On: Dec 06 2013 04:59:08 PM CST

A local commercial has made the semifinals of a contest to land a spot in the Super Bowl.

"Bold Moves," a 30-second spot filmed on the campus of Wichita State, is one of the 24 spots left out of more than 6,000 videos submitted for the contest. The public is allowed to vote for the final five finalists.

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The commercial was the brainchild of Shane Konicki, who said he came up with the idea two years ago. It features one of his friends, played by Austin Clift, enticing a girl by dancing while wearing a Speedo covered in Doritos.

"I wanted to do something outrageous, because most Super Bowl commercials have something really catchy or memorable," said Konicki, a longtime host of KSCW's Weekend Crew. "And Austin was fantastic."

Clift, a 24-year-old Parsons native who works in advertising at KWCH, has a background in music and theater. He said he had no reservations taking off nearly all his clothes for the spot - only a little nervousness afterward.

"I was just a little concerned about my wife's family seeing it," he said. "And my grandma. But everyone loved it. The amount of support we've gotten for this has been overwhelming."

David Lyon and Eron Rawson of KWCH Creative Services were the commercial's producers. The other three actors are Trey Shirley, Alexander Schneider and Meredith Olney, who is Konicki's fiance.