Kansas cows heading for South Dakota

Published On: Nov 22 2013 09:25:53 PM CST   Updated On: Nov 22 2013 10:21:58 PM CST

It was a shocking sight--thousands of cattle dead, killed in an October blizzard.

"I told my wife, if that happened up here and that happened to us, we'd be done," Stafford County rancher Jeff Scott says.  "It would devastate us."

So Scott got busy and put the word out to other cattle producers.  They collected a bunch of cows, that'll go to South Dakota to help replace the herds.

"I think it'll mean a bunch," Scott says.  "You've got ranchers up there who've lost two, three-hundred head.  Some of them have lost all of them."

These cows will provide breeding stock to help the South Dakota ranchers start over.

This weekend, Scott will be loading up all 53 heifers into his truck and driving them up to South Dakota.  The cows have been donated from  producers in Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.  As they've come in, the Pratt Livestock yard has been caring for the animals and feeding them for free.  

"If that were to happen down here, it would be terrifying," Pratt Livestock's Landon Axtell says.  "I don't know what you'd do."

Scott says cattle killed by weather can't be insured like crops are.   He knows this load of cows won't fix everything, but he says it's a start that can put some of those South Dakota ranchers back in business.

"To give back, that's what you do," Scott says.  "You help people."

Scott hopes to haul more loads of cows to South Dakota in the future.  Anyone with a heifer to donate can call Sandra Levering at 620-518-2247 or email her at  It's a tax-deductible donation.