Jury scam warning

Published On: Jan 22 2014 03:14:32 PM CST   Updated On: Jan 22 2014 05:24:46 PM CST

The Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office is warning people of yet another scam.

Fortunately, no one has yet fallen for this scam as far as the office knows.

Here's how it works...someone calls you and identifies himself as a sheriff's warrant deputy.

They tell you you failed to appear for jury duty and you now owe a 500-dollar fine.

But the reality is that the sheriff's office does not collect fines for failure to show for jury duty.

The office says anyone receiving these phone calls should not give out any personal information or make any payment instead, hang up and contact the Sheriff's office>

People who fail to show up for jury duty will receive an official letter from the court, not a phone call.

A judge may follow up that letter with an additional court order.