How to find out if your car has been recalled

Published On: May 07 2014 04:23:06 PM CDT

After a number of vehicle recalls in recent months, you may be wondering if your car is on a recall list.

All vehicle manufacturers are required by law to send out a notice letter to owners of any vehicle that has been recalled for any reason. If you get one of those letters, it will tell you why the car is being recalled, and when to contact your local dealer to have it repaired.

If for whatever reason you don't get a letter and you want to check if your vehicle has been recalled, you can always contact your local dealer anyway to find out. All you'll need is the VIN number of your car which is usually located in the lower right hand corner of the windshield.

If you don't want to call your dealer, you can actually check for a recall yourself just by going online. Search your vehicle manufacturer's website and on any of them, there will be a page where you can type in that same VIN number and see if your vehicle has been recalled.

You can also use a general website like It does have a fee, but for a price, you can use your VIN number to see if your car is being recalled or if it's ever been on any recall list in the past and if those repairs were taken care of.

As always, owners won't have to pay for those repairs on recalled vehicles. Local car dealers will perform those repairs free of charge.