Group fights to save dogs involved in animal complaint

Published On: Jul 18 2014 09:52:13 PM CDT
DERBY, Kan. -

The pet grooming company Purdy Pet is leading the charge to save two dogs detained after Police say they killed a cat and came at an officer earlier this week.

One of the dogs was shot following the vicious animal report. Derby Police say the dogs mauled the cat and also became aggressive.

A hearing is set for July 31st to decide if the dogs should be put down. The petition is an effort to prevent that from happening.

Organizers believe the dogs are not vicious. The owner of the pets says he's grateful for what the shop is doing.

"It's really great to have people be advocates for dogs," Jessica Taylor, pet groomer said. "They can't talk so someone has to talk for them."

The petition has 1,900 signatures online. Police issued a statement earlier this week saying they believed the pit bull was going to attack, so they shot it to protect human life.