From the Inbox: Sloppy video edit & app update needs work

Published On: Apr 24 2014 10:51:40 AM CDT   Updated On: Apr 24 2014 01:28:53 PM CDT
From the Inbox

Here’s a sample of what KWCH viewers are e-mailing our newsroom:

New app update needs work

"Plz, the update sucks, keeps downloading and interferes with the other apps, like the old one before this one show nothing of the highway, interstate, or state lines, do like the earthquake part though...the old one was just fine, have to uninstall cuz of this update, hate it now, went from 4 1/2 to 1 1/2 stars..sorry.."

(We are at the mercy of our vendors with some of these options. We have voiced our concerns and hope that will be changed with the next update!)

App on the computer?

"Why can I not find a KWCH weather app for Windows computer? Only mobile phones and iPads. When weather is bad, I look for Merrill - the one I’ve trusted for many years."

(We actually get this question a lot. Apps are used on mobile devices. You can find everything you need including radar, live streaming, and your forecast at

Weather channel vs. Storm Team 12 app

"Why does my Storm Team app show Wed as being sunny & the weather channel says severe storms? How can they be so different?"

(I asked the weather guys about this. We don’t know how the Weather Channel develops its forecast. Merril says we think our data is more localized and more accurate!)

Slow down your Future Track

"When watching the weather, it's very hard to see what is happening on the Future Cast now because it goes so fast! Can you please slow it down again? Also the new weather pictures make the forecast not as easy to follow, could you switch back to the previous weather pictures, they were easier to read and follow the upcoming forecast."

(Done. Ross has slowed down that feature. We have a new system and are still working out some minor issues.)

You showed what?

"While watching the sports segment Friday night on KWCH, I was a little taken aback during the coverage of the Wichita State baseball team. Firstly, as an alum of the university, I was embarrassed by the fact that the athletic department can’t teach their athletes to be aware of the fact that they are ALWAYS in the public eye, especially during a game. Secondly, I am EXTREMELY disappointed in the editing of the news broadcast in that the segment started with a shot of the dugout, and center screen was Student/Athlete **** digging at his crotch!!! Again, I would hope that the athletes had enough awareness to move somewhere out of the public eye to make those type of “uniform adjustments”, but I would certainly expect KWCH to be responsible and professional enough to edit their B roll before the broadcast."

(Oops. You're right.  While we can't control what players do, we sure can control what we show in video edits.  Those things are missed sometimes in the rush to get them on-air.  We will do better in the future.)