From the Inbox: Annoying music and KWCH punishing Pratt?

Published On: Jun 12 2014 10:27:12 AM CDT   Updated On: Jun 12 2014 10:43:36 AM CDT
From the Inbox

Here's a look at what KWCH viewers are telling or asking us...

Music is annoying!
"The music you play prior to the weather chart and the market report is EXTREMELY ANNOYING. I usually mute my tv or put it on pause and then fast forward to avoid it."

(We are always considering ways to change and make our products better! We will take this into consideration)

Did the town of Milton move?
"I've noticed this on two different days now, so I'm sure it's regularly on your weather maps. I use the smartphone app, so don't usually catch TV broadcasts. At 5:17 this evening, your map showed Milton located NNE of Wichita. Did the town move or are there two Miltons in KS? My mom lived in Milton, located SW of Wichita, between Norwich and Conway Springs."

(We’ve asked this viewer to grab a screenshot to figure out what’s going on. If you have seen something similar please let us know!)

KWCW signal lost
"I get my TV over the air and live in southwest Wichita. I had been picking up channel 33 either on 33.1 or 33.3 with generally good reception. During the last two weeks KSCW 33 has been almost impossible to get, no matter how I adjust my antenna. I was just wondering if there were any problems with the transmitter or anything. KWCH Channel 12 comes in come in fine."

(I talked to our engineers and they said moisture—which happens in spring and summer—can affect the signal. Also…look for anything that might be causing interference that wasn’t there before. You can always call 838-1212 and we will try to help you!)

Is KWCH punishing Pratt?
"I was wondering why there is no coverage of the Miss Kansas Pageant in Pratt? It would be wonderful to see it televised but if that can't happen then why are the highlights of the three evenings reported. Which ever young lady is crowned tonight will be representing our state in the Miss America Pageant and I would think that we should all be rooting for her. Some of the older Prattans are saying that it is not covered because the Wichita channels are so called "punishing Pratt" with no coverage because years ago Wichita wanted the pageant moved there. I am sure if it were in Wichita that there would be some sort of coverage. Thank You"

( I can assure you—as emcee of the pageant again this year—that we are not punishing Pratt. Not only did we send a news crew out to cover it, we sent a web person to shoot an entire photo gallery, and I spend an entire week of my time to take part in it. We also use photos from Gale at the Pratt Tribune to cover it. We love being part of the Miss Kansas Pageant!)