For What it's Worth: KC Masterpiece, team over star, Cle, Cup & Crestview

Published On: Jun 18 2014 10:15:21 PM CDT   Updated On: Jun 19 2014 05:37:03 AM CDT
For What it's Worth---A-Rod, Chiefs and the PGA

It’s amazing how smart you are when you’ve won ten straight, suddenly Ned Yost isn’t the guy you wanted to get rid of in early May and Dayton Moore may have taken a little too long to get there…but maybe he really does know to build a team.  Of course, a ten game skid—and they all become incredibly stupid…again.

“Royal with cheese”---

Sorry, vague reference from ‘Pulp Fiction’ that anyone I ever worked with at KWCH will understand.  The Royals went old school winning with pitching and defense at Detroit on Wednesday.  Their tenth straight win was helped by a little luck as well, although I’m a firm believer that good teams make their luck. 

Alex Gordon’s two hopper up the middle with two outs in the first should have been a routine third out, but it bounced off the bag at second allowing Eric Hosmer to score the game’s first run.  It didn’t seem like much then, but in a 2-1 game it ends up being huge.  It’s the type of play you get when you’re going good and that you don’t when you’re going bad-- like the Tigers are.

It’s been 20  years since the Royals last won ten straight, it’s been 11 seasons since they last led the division this late in the season (I know, the middle of June is more early in the season than it is late—but you take what you can get.  This team believes in one another and there’s incredible power in that, as long as you’ve got the game to back it.  It’ll be fun to see how far this run will take them.

Satisfying final---

I really like LeBron James, but I was so glad to see ‘team’ win out over ‘star’ in the NBA Finals.  Who knew that watching really good fundamental basketball could be so fun?  I’ve never been a Spurs fan, but I think they won me over…at least for now (OKC again come next season).

Speaking of the Thunder---

In all of the mock drafts I’ve seen, Oklahoma City is the most generally expected location for Cleanthony Early to land.  The former Shocker star is expected to be a late first round pick in the NBA draft, he expects it as well, telling me earlier this week that he’ll be in New York next week. How great would it be for Shocker fans if he ended up in OKC?

Full disclosure---

I have not made a date with the World Cup through the first week of competition, but I was help captive by it for about 0:35 minutes the other day.  I was getting my haircut and on the screen in front of me was the Mexico-Brazil game.  Now I’ve taken my shots at soccer over the years and still don’t know whether or not I’ll watch anymore moving forward—but the performance of Mexican ‘keeper Guillermo Ochoa was one of the finest individual performances I’ve seen in competition.  The box score didn’t do his six saves justice as all of them seemed to come rocketing from point-blank range.  His ability at the goal line was simply incredible and it made a 0-0 tie—dare I say---exciting. 

Do I get my redneck-American card revoked for such a remark?

Air Capitol Classic---

I’m pleased to be in Wichita this weekend working for Eyewitness Sports on my 22nd Air Capitol Classic ( I missed two of the previous 24 on vacation). This is simply one of the best events in Wichita every year.  The circus that is the 17th hole gets most of the headlines, but it’s the quality of golf that keeps me coming back.

Four Wichita Open winners have gone on to win major titles (Tom Lehman, David Toms, David Duval, Jason Duffner).  Nearly 75 percent of the card carrying members on the PGA Tour have played in Wichita, which is one of only four original cities on the old Ben Hogan Tour back in 1990 to still be hosting an event.

Each year it gets bigger and better and I’m always glad to be a part of it. Give me a shout out there this weekend, just don’t do it on someone’s backswing.