For What it’s Worth---Granting transfers, dodging a bullet, WSU and Jim Croce

Published On: May 27 2014 05:02:57 PM CDT
Bruce Haertl: For What It's Worth...

Bad pub---

I was glad to see that K-State finally released women’s basketball player Leticia Romero from her scholarship.  The team’s leading scorer asked for her release nearly two months ago after former coach Deb Patterson and her staff were fired, but had been denied at every turn until yesterday.

K-State officials floated the notion that Romero had been tampered with and that may turn out to be true.  Even if it is, I can’t imagine the hit they’ve taken in the court of public opinion has been worth it.  Romero has become a cause celeb for social media, with no less of an authority as Jay Bilas championing her cause.   ESPN is spending a whole show on the issue on today’s “Between the Lines”, frankly, it’s hard to see what K-State gained by taking such a hardline.

What should have been little more than an aside has turned into a lead story and even if KSU had real concerns and justification not initially granting  her release—they were made to look petty and small, something I know they aren’t.

It’s a shame---

The fallback is always the same when it comes to rain, “we need the moisture”.  While that’s true, it’s too bad it poured in such havoc wreaking fashion on the NCAA Golf Championship at Prairie Dunes. The event looked great on the Golf Channel, but the story was more about the weather than it was the golf and it hard to imagine the golf being much better on the amateur level.

My congratulations to the grounds crew at the Dunes for keeping the course in such impeccable shape.  I know the sandy soil is a huge help with drainage, but being on such a tight schedule I’m sure made it an even tougher challenge to keep the course ready.  Two of my favorite events that I’ve ever covered were at Prairie Dunes—The U.S. Women’s Open and the Senior Men’s Open.

A thin line---

The Royals got a mixed bag on Tuesday when it was determined that pitcher Yordano Ventura did not have any ligament damage in his throwing arm and will only miss one start.  I’m still concerned by his slight, but steady, rate of decline over the last month, but you can’t improve if you’re not throwing.

The news is not so good for highly regarded pitching prospect Kyle Zimmer who’s being shut down for six to eight weeks with a shoulder problem.  This means that Zimmer, as was hoped, will not be available to the big club at any time this season.  With injuries to Luke Hochevar and Bruce Chen and without any solid assurances that Ventura will be ok and return to form---the Royals are riding a very thin margin for error .Currently, the only thing this team has to hang a hat on is their starting pitching and one wonders how long they can continue to pull everyone’s weight.  Injuries over the course of a 162 game schedule are inevitable, but the one place the Royals (and most other teams) can ill afford them is with their starting pitching. 


Fueled by an historic year in women’s sports, Wichita State claimed the MVC All-Sports Trophy for the eighth time in eleven years.  Part of that was fueled by two likely first round draft picks in basketball and baseball, a National Coach of the Year and the National Athletic Director of the Year…pretty good time to be a Shocker.

Jim Croce knew---

Like the song says; “you don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you don’t spit into the wind, you don’t pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger and you don’t mess around with LeBron”.  Well, something like that.  The Pacers need to stop whining, making excuses, calling out LeBron and start trying to play a much tougher version of basketball, although down 3-1 now it may hardly matter.  Normally, I wouldn’t be for the Heat, but I have problems respecting the way the Pacers handle themselves.