For What it's Worth---All-Star Conundrum, Fox sellout, Tiger in England

Published On: Jul 16 2014 10:27:05 PM CDT   Updated On: Jul 16 2014 10:32:55 PM CDT
Bruce Haertl: For What It's Worth...

The All Star game---

Is it a showcase, an exhibition, or is it serious effort to decided home field advantage in the World Series?  I'm not sure Major League Baseball can have it both ways.  The All Star game is unlike any game that the players of the two teams play or the two managers manage during the season.  There is pressure to get everyone on the roster into the game, regardless the competitive situation.  Pitching staffs are used in an entirely different manner, I mean there are guys coming out of the bullpen who've never relieved in their lives.

I do think guys play hard, as players measure themselves against the rest of the best in the game.  It just doesn't make sense to me that you'd have such a valuable reward for the outcome of a game that looks like an exhibition, feels like an exhibition and was, in fact, established as an exhibition.

Would Adam Wainright ever groove a pitch for an opponent in a real game? No, he'd rather stick needles in his eyes than give up a run in the regular or post season, but there he was grooving a pitch for Derek Jeter, as a sign of respect for a phenomenal career.  Jeter takes the waist high fastball and rifles into right to start a three run first, an inning that the National League would never recover from and so American League gets home field advantage in the Fall Classic.

Oliver and Andrews---

I was disappointed to see that Fox decided to bump Pam Oliver from the sideline of their top NFL broadcast team in favor of Erin Andrews, despite the fact that Andrews is, by any measure, a less talented reporter.  In going for looks on the sideline Fox retreats to the lowest common denominator, pandering to a predominantly male audience they feel still cares about such stuff.  Maybe I'm different than others, but I've never tuned into a game to hear the broadcasters working it-I tune in for the matchup and hope the broadcasters are going to add dimension to the contest.

I wonder if Fox has any plans to farm out Tony Sarigusa in favor of a younger, better looking, less portly sideline guy.  Nah, the same rules don't apply for men.


Just what the world needs-more awards shows.  It is a good time to be reminded of all the cool things that happened in sports this year.  I mean who gets tired of seeing Mercer beat Duke?  Actually, with Fox getting into the game with ESPN it makes me wonder how long before we have the Foxy awards…hmm, sounds intriguing doesn't it?

Tiger abroad---

It's been six years since Tiger Woods last won a major and I don't like his chances this weekend at Royal Liverpool.  By most accounts Tiger should still be rehabbing his back instead twisting into a pretzel off the tee for four rounds, should he play four.  Lest anyone think that Tiger's just one of the guys-ESPN is committing an entire channel to his first two rounds.  Even after missing the cut of the only tourney he tried to play since his surgery the odds makers still have him listed as the fifth favorite in the field. By the way, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods both came to The Open Championship at age 38 with 14 major titles.  Nicklaus won his 15th major at the British Open, Tiger needs the same this weekend to keep pace.