For Ron Baker's family, home games not so close to home

Published On: Feb 14 2014 03:16:47 PM CST   Updated On: Feb 14 2014 06:50:56 PM CST

Ask Neil and Ranae Baker what time their day starts and they'll ask you which one?

"The first part of the day ends at 2:45 p.m. Then our second day starts after that." Neil Baker said.

Neil is the strength and conditioning coach at Scott City High School and his wife teaches Kindergarten in the same city. They've been married 23 years and have three children.

Once the school day is over the Bakers hop in their car and start the four hour drive to Charles Koch Arena.

"We won't miss tip-off. Can't miss tip-off," Neil said.

The Bakers don't get to see their son often, that's one reason why they make the drive to watch him play.

"It hasn't really hit us yet. Right now it's just going to another game." Ranae said.

The Bakers don't mind sharing their son with thousands of shocker fans across the world. The Bakers say they'd do the same for their other two children Audrey, and Sloan.

"We won't be at the MVC tournament in St. Louis this year. Our younger son will be playing in sub-state that weekend. So that was a no brainer for us," Ranae said.

These trips are a big expense for the school teachers. During basketball season they can spend more than $600 dollars on gas in a month.

But the scene at Koch arena makes that money worth it. Nearly every game this season has been sold out, and their oldest son is a fan favorite.

"There isn't one guy on that team I don't like. What Coach Marshall and the rest of the coaching staff has done with this team is just amazing." Neil said.

Just like every other game so far this season the Shockers beat Loyola. After the game Ron comes back to say hi to his mom and dad. Once that's over Ron heads home and so to the Bakers, their trip is a little longer, another four hours back to Scott City.


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