Flex Seal Clear: Does It Work?

Published On: May 21 2014 09:50:49 PM CDT   Updated On: May 21 2014 10:31:44 PM CDT

Scott Arpin has covered it all in his 28 years at Heights High teaching Career and Technical Education classes.

"In this class, we basically go over everything for remodeling and building maintenance," Arpin said.

Arpin and his students are helping us study the claims of “Flex Seal Clear.”

The commercial says it’s "the crystal clear way to coat, seal, and stop leaks fast."  We found “Flex Seal Clear” online for $12.88.  That does not include shipping and handling.

After a good shake, Mr. Arpin's students start applying the rubberized coating.  First, they try to repair a broken flower pot.  Another student takes aim at a leaky gutter.  Next up, a mini replica of the "screen door bottom boat" Flex Seal used in the commercial.  Finally, another student sprays a plastic colander.

After a few days and three to five coats... we come back to Mr. Arpin's class for our final exam with water.  We check the colander first to see if it can now hold water.  It does.    

Next, the broken flower pot.  It appears to be fixed and it holds water too.

Now to see if the gutter leaks.

"This was a little harder to do, because it was hard to see the inside of the corners,” Mr. Arpin said after noticing a few leaks.

So will our boat float, even with a crack in the surface of the “Flex Seal Clear”?  Mr. Arpin isn't sure, especially when his student adds weight.

"I thought the crack was going to leak,” Mr. Arpin said.

But, the boat floats.

Mr. Arpin says the “Flex Seal Clear” isn't exactly flexible.  And it's not exactly clear.  But...

"Pretty impressed how big of holes it will fill and how water tight it is,” Mr. Arpin said.

Does it work?

"It works,” Mr. Arpin said.

The company also makes a "Flex Seal Brite"--which it says is an "off white" color.