FF12: Wichita man falls for sweepstakes scam

Published On: Apr 29 2014 07:00:30 PM CDT   Updated On: Apr 29 2014 07:01:25 PM CDT

A Wichita man says he’s mad at himself for falling for it, but wants to warn others about a sweepstakes scam targeting the area.

Paul Posch thought it was his lucky break.

“I was getting excited about it. I've never received a check like that before,” Posch told FactFinder 12.

He thought he had won a sweepstakes for more than $400,000. All he had to do was pay some processing fees.

“It sounded like it was real.”

Paul sent two money orders worth more than $1,200.  It was money he didn’t have and soon discovered it was a scam.

“They're very good at convincing people they are the lucky winner,” says Denise Groene with the Better Business Bureau. 

The BBB says no matter how many stories like this are told, victims like Paul continue to fall for it. 

We called the number that called Paul, but didn’t get any answers.  We were hung up on numerous times and given different information each time we called.

Groene says it’s important to share the information with friends and relatives, especially the elderly or those who are more vulnerable.

“You never have to pay anything to win the lottery or sweepstakes.  Period.”