FF12: Extra tax bill sent because of error

Published On: Mar 03 2014 06:44:01 PM CST   Updated On: Mar 04 2014 11:49:05 AM CST
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Some Sedgwick County taxpayers contacted Factfinder 12 with questions about an additional tax bill sent through the mail.  Here's what we found out.

Thousands of homeowners in Sedgwick County are receiving an extra tax bill because of an error.  If you live in Sedgwick County and reside in the Circle or Andover school districts, you received a supplemental bill in the mail.  

Butler County Clerk Don Engels says his office made an error in calculation.  Engels says staff used the 2012 budget instead of the 2013 budget to figure the mill levy. Engels says both school districts have increased spending this year so the calculations were off.  

After they caught the error, Engles says Butler County was able to correct the mistake but Sedgwick County had already printed tax statements.  That's why the supplemental bill was added to Sedgwick County residents only.

For Sedgwick County homeowners who live in the Andover school district, you'll pay about $14 for a $100,000 home.  If you live in the Circle school district, it's about $45 for a $100,000 home.  The Sedgwick County Treasurer says it impacts roughly 6,600 homeowners.