FF12 Ad Check: Pompeo on aviation

Published On: Aug 06 2014 08:09:05 AM CDT   Updated On: Jun 26 2014 01:44:23 PM CDT

Political ads have started to air on televisions and radio stations several weeks before the primary election.

U.S. Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Kansas, faces off against the man he replaced in the 4th District, Todd Tiahrt. Pompeo is running an ad touting his support for the aviation industry. In it, he calls out President Barack Obama for hurting the Kansas economy.

Eyewitness News is committed to fact-checking these ads to determine what is true, and what is false or misleading.

AD: "Every time the President ridicules the people who buy and use the airplanes we build here, which is often, aircraft sales go down. Sales of aircraft components go down. Our local economy suffers and good people lose good jobs."

FACT: Often is a matter of interpretation. Pompeo's team cites four specific incidents since the Congressman took office, in which President Obama made a negative comment about taxing corporate jets. Most recently, President Obama proposed a budget calling for a tax on some flights.

Jeremy Hill, Wichita State Center for economic development and business research, there is clear evidence aviation took a hit during the recession in 2008 and 2009. He said during that time, there was a backlash against big corporations.

Pompeo's office says the Congressman still has conversations with local aircraft leaders who blame falling business jet sales on politics. Hill said he agrees the president's comments have reinforced the perception of the corporate CEO.

AD: "As our congressman, Mike wrote the aircraft revitalization act that will create even more jobs."

FACT: Pompeo did introduce the small airplane revitalization act, but the ad fails to give credit to the president for signing that bill into law.

Primary elections will be held Aug. 5. The Republican primary winner will face off against the Democrat primary winner Nov. 4.