FF12 Ad Check: Group supporting Brownback airing ads

Published On: Mar 26 2014 06:46:38 PM CDT   Updated On: Mar 26 2014 09:38:03 PM CDT

A group supporting Governor Sam Brownback has started airing ads around the state.  Road Map Solutions has spent about $80,000 on ads highlighting unemployment rates and Brownback’s education initiatives.

FactFinder 12 looked into some of the statements made in the ad.


“Kansas has an historic opportunity for progress...and as our economy grows we're putting people back to work with the 10th lowest unemployment rate in America.”

That statement is backed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Since Brownback has been in office the state has gained about 45,000 jobs and unemployment has dropped to about 4.8%.  Unemployment has also dropped nationwide as the economy slowly recovers.


“…that means real opportunity to invest in our schools and our people and Sam Brownback has a plan. Millions more for schools by cutting spending and growing the economy.”

David Kensinger with Road Map Solutions says the governor has four parts to add millions.

They include:
-Increasing state base aid, which is already in the budget
-Technical education where Brownback has directed money and enrollment is up

-All-day kindergarten, however the multi-million dollar plan is losing support among lawmakers

-Compliance with a court ruling which says the state has to spend more on schools
Brownback has helped increase education funding in the form of total state aid.  

It’s increased by $467 per pupil, but not all of that has ended up in the classroom.  About half went to the state pension fund and bond and interest aid.  

Brownback has said the pension system had to be shored up.
The actual base state aid per pupil has decreased by about $100 in his time in office.  

Wichita, the largest district in the state, says operational dollars used for the classroom have basically remained flat.