FF: Expect more fraud prevention calls from banks

Published On: Mar 24 2014 06:30:43 PM CDT

The companies that issue credit and debit cards watch how much you spend and where you spent it. If your spending is out of the ordinary—they’ll likely notice.

With recent breaches like the one at Target, financial institutions tell FactFinder 12 that your accounts will be monitored even more.

A viewer contacted FactFinder 12 after receiving a voicemail from Visa Fraud Prevention Services.  

She thought it was a scam, but Meritrust Credit Union verified it was legitimate.

She was leery because the Wichita area has been a target for scammers in the last couple of weeks.  

FactFinder 12 has told you about the Mastercard scam.

We called several credit unions and banks and they tell us there are ways to know if the call is a scam.

The legitimate companies will use the name of your financial institution.  They will also provide you with a case number and ask you to call.  If you have the case number, they won’t ask for your card number.

Don’t give you card number to anyone who calls asking for it.
They will also ask about specific charges made to your account.  

If you are at all suspicious, call your bank or credit union directly and ask.