FactFinder 12: Beware of tornado donation scams

Published On: Apr 28 2014 02:31:22 PM CDT   Updated On: Apr 29 2014 05:29:45 AM CDT
(WICHITA, Kan.) -

Kansans are always eager to help when a disaster strikes.  Unfortunately so are the scam artists. And they are working right now on clever ways to take advantage of your kindness.

When a tornado levels a town, the first instinct is to help. That's why so many rush to affected area and start moving debris. But when it comes to giving money, if you react too quickly you may just become a victim too.

The Better Business Bureau has a few important reminders:

  • Research the organizations you're sending money to.
  • Learn exactly what they are raising money for and how it'll be used.
  • Be wary of any charity that claims 100-percent of the money is helping tornado victims.
  • Avoid email solicitations. don't click any links -- it may be a set up for identity theft.
  • Instead go directly to the charity's website.
  • Don't give cash. instead make a check payable to the charity itself, not an individual.
  • Beware of excessive pressure on the spot.

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