Epic Mobile Projection Keyboard

Published On: Mar 05 2014 10:31:23 PM CST

You might recognize his voice from 35 years in radio. But John Wright has traded chasing storms at KFDI to chasing stories at KWCH.

"Recently, I was hired on as a night side assignment editor,” John said. "(I) spend a lot of time on the computer. A lot of time on the telephone, writing notes, sending notes.”

That's why we thought it would be perfect for John to test Celluon's Epic Mobile Projection Keyboard. The Epic uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your device... projecting a "virtual keyboard" onto a flat, opaque surface.

We bought the Epic at Office Depot for about $130. Shipping was free.

We start going through the instructions. We pair it to an iPad mini. A solid blue LED light shows we have paired it successfully. Both the Epic and the iPad mini indicate they're ready for typing.

"There we are,” John said.

The Epic projects a red keyboard onto John's desk.

"I feel like I'm on the Star Ship Enterprise here and I got a new toy to play with,” John said.

But John, who isn't a traditional typer, says it's hard to find a rhythm. And, while the virtual keyboard does make sound when you type, John misses his regular keyboard.

"Maybe that's it.  Because you're used to the click, click, click ...  and then you get into a rhythm,” John said.

But John likes the technology and how it saves space.

Does it work?

"Yes,” John said.

John had another complaint — his wrists were flat on the desk. He says after a while of typing, they started to hurt. So, if you have issues with your wrist, just be aware of that.

The Epic says it works with several other devices and operating systems: iOS 4.0 and later; Android 4.0 and later; Windows XP and later; Mac OS X 10 and later; Blackberry 10; and Game Console.