Drones: Farming from the sky

Published On: Mar 26 2014 05:32:20 PM CDT
Above and beyond: The future of drone technology in Kansas
SALINA, Kan. -

The future of farming could be in the sky.

Kansas State University Salina told Kansas farmers that unmanned aircraft systems, called drones, could help the industry. The researchers made a presentation at the Mid-America farm Expo in Salina Wednesday. More than 100 people were there to learn about the new technology.

Scientists said they believe drones could be used to monitor crops, live stock and pesticide distribution.

Josh Kejr, said he thinks the technology is a bright future for agriculture.

"There's going to be a good windfall for us," Kejr said. "It will just make everything a lot easier for us."

The Federal Aviation Administration has not approved the drones for commercial use. But unmanned aircraft can be used for research, or hobbies.