Dreamlifter debacle cancels medical trip to Garden City

Published On: Nov 22 2013 06:15:41 PM CST

Dr. Kumar Dalla was supposed to fly from Jabara airport to Garden City to treat more than 50 patients on Thursday, but his plane never took off. Jabara airport temporarily shut down when a Boeing Dreamlifter mistakenly landed there.

"I drove by and looked at that big plane. I was flabbergasted," said Dalla.

Dr. Dalla, who specializes in retina care, says many of his patients are older and can't make the trip to Wichita. He says it important for his patients to have regular care, he's worried missing this trip will hurt their vision.

"The medicine only works for four to five weeks. I go out once a month and if they don't get regular treatment their sight will only get worse," Dalla said.

Dalla says he has another trip planned in December but he's trying to schedule another one before then.