Don't fall for it: IRS phone scam targeting Kansas

Published On: Jul 26 2014 07:32:16 PM CDT   Updated On: Sep 17 2014 01:01:40 PM CDT
FactFinder 12 Don't Fall For It

Don't fall for it, there's a new scam targeting Kansas.

The BBB is warning that scammers are posing as IRS officials. They make calls threatening jail time and property loss unless the victim pays overdue taxes.

The scammers leave a recording saying, "the nature behind this voicemail is to make you aware that we have received some legal notifications against your claim concerning tax evasion, tax fraud, so we are about to take this matter to the federal claims courts."

The BBB is reminding consumers that the IRS never contacts taxpayers by phone or email asking for money. If there is an issue, contact is made through the U.S. postal service.

If you receive a call like this just hang up without providing any personal information. You are also urged to report it to the BBB.