Don't fall for it: Grandparent scams

Published On: Feb 18 2014 04:00:28 PM CST
FactFinder 12 Don't Fall For It

A warning for Kansas senior citizens: versions of the "grandparents" scam have been reported in the area.

The Sedgwick County District Attorney's Office said a 68-year-old man reported receiving a call from his "grandson," who was being arrested in Mexico. The caller said he needed money to get out of jail. The call came from 760-705-8888. The phone number originates in California.

The second scam stemmed from a "Matthew" who called a woman claiming that he was arrested after an accident in Oklahoma City, and needed money. The woman also received another call from a man who identified himself as Jason Garcia, her "grandson's" attorney. The number came from a land line in Shawnee, Okla.

A 74-year-old Wichita man reported getting a call from his "grandson" who was arrested in the Dominican Republic. The called said he needed $1,900 to get out of jail. A second person got on the line, urging the grandfather to purchase a MoneyGram from Walmart. The number, 1-855-839-7155, was a register voice over internet provider. Those calls can be made on the internet using a service provider and a standard computer audio system.

Consumers are reminded not to give out personal financial information unless they have initiated contact.