Dessert Bullet

Published On: Feb 26 2014 10:33:46 PM CST

Amanda Updegrove cares about what her family eats.

"We follow the ‘Eat to Live’ book by Dr. Joel Fuhrman,” Amanda said.

The "Dessert Bullet" appealed to Amanda, because it claims you can make desserts to meet a variety of dietary needs.

The commercial says "with the Dessert Bullet, you can turn ordinary frozen fruit and flavors into creamy delicious dessert that taste just like your favorite ice cream and dessert from the store, but without the added fat, sugar, or calories."

We paid nearly $60 for the 10-second healthy dessert maker at "Bed, Bath, and Beyond.”

"Oh man, it's heavy,” Amanda said.

Amanda starts setting-up the machine. We've already prepared the ingredients, since the fresh fruit needed to be cut-up and frozen beforehand.

Amanda follows the "Dessert Bullet's" recipe for a banana spilt... just some fresh fruit, chocolate chips, and chopped pecans. Amanda alternates the ingredients into the chute, so her finished product is mixed well. With the Fruit Pusher in place, Amanda is ready to mix-up her healthy dessert. But she doesn’t expect what comes out of the machine.

"That's horrible,” Amanda said.

Amanda's dessert doesn't look so desirable. Not even to little Lola.

"It didn't mix it at all.  It just came out in a long strand in the order of the ingredients as they went in,” Amanda said.

Amanda is brave enough to take a bite.

"It's not bad,” Amanda said.

She gives the "Dessert Bullet" another try with the Chunky Cherry Chip recipe. This calls for some frozen low fat yogurt, chocolate chips, and four frozen cherries.

"It doesn't look that bad.  It just doesn't mix it very well,” Amanda said.

Another taste test.

"It's good.  It's good,” Amanda said.

Good enough to serve in Amanda's home?

"It's a lot of time and effort for not a great ending product,” Amanda said.

Does this work?

"I'd say no,” Amanda said.

We did reach out to the company. In an email, it said it would handle our concern. But it never got back to us.