Combat veteran's PTSD Facebook message goes viral

Published On: Jul 04 2014 01:52:25 PM CDT

A veteran suffering from post traumatic stress disorder has a simple Fourth of July request that is gaining traction around the country.

Jon Dykes posted a sign in his yard in Florida that read, "Combat veteran lives here. Please be courteous with fireworks." The 32-year-old retired Army Staff Sergeant said Independence Day blasts are a reminder of war's last effects on PTSD veterans.

Dykes suffers from PTSD after serving three tours in Iraq. He was he was medically discharged for physical injuries and PTSD in 2010. He told WJCT that big, advertised displays don't bother him, but rather the fireworks that go off unexpectedly. He said last year, he didn't sleep for three days.

He took a picture of standing next to the sign, then posted it on Facebook. His post went viral, after it was shared on the Facebook site Military With PTSD.

The National Center for PTSD reports up to 20 percent of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans suffer from PTSD, and one in three Vietnam veterans have developed PTSD.