College grad hands out resumes on busy street corner

Published On: Jul 09 2014 02:35:02 PM CDT

Jobless workers are finding creative ways to hunt for work, but one young man CBS4 found is pounding the pavement — literally — looking for a job.

It’s not uncommon to see homeless people asking for handouts on city street corners. What is unusual is seeing someone in a business suit handing out resumes at a major intersection.

“What I’m doing out here is out-of-box thinking, trying to look for some out-of-box results,” Jordan Staucet said.

Staucet is a recent college graduate who has been out of work for one week, but in his book that is seven days too long.

“I can sit home and I can apply to all these jobs online. They aren’t really seeing you and interacting with you. I figured I’d try to bring my resume to life,” Staucet said.

He put himself through four years of college by working. He has a degree in marketing and communications, which he wants to put to work.

“(There are) a lot of great conversations that I can get in within a stop light,” he said.

Morning commuters, it seems, were pleasantly surprised by the jolly job-seeking Staucet.

“I like his initiative. If it’s going to take going out and meeting people; putting himself out there; why not, right?” a driver told McCarroll.

Staucet has no plans to apply for unemployment, instead preferring to apply himself to new avenues of looking for work. He hopes to be part of an upcoming rush hour in which he is rushing to his own job.

McCarroll talked with two of the people who gave Staucet their business cards. It looks like he already has two interviews in the works.