Cleanup continues after McPherson Co. storm

Published On: May 08 2014 06:50:57 PM CDT   Updated On: May 08 2014 10:28:29 PM CDT
GALVA, Kan. -

The storm in McPherson County Wednesday damaged between 45 and 60 homes and forced dozens of train cars off the rails.

Cleanup started late last night and is continuing today. Roofing companies, repair teams and semi's working to haul off boxcars all came together in the small town of Galva.

Many in the neighborhood have been asking the roofers and repair teams if they have their peddler licenses to operate. These licenses are sold to those wanting to do work in the city.

The Attorney General also requires roofers in the state of Kansas to be a registered. You can check a roofer's registration here.

There have been so many requests for new licenses that city hall has stopped selling them in Galva. Anyone who comes into the town trying to do work without one will be escorted out of town and charged a fine.

FactFinder 12 looked into construction and roofing companies. While there are many legitimate companies, some can be scammers looking for quick money.

Here's some tips so you don't fall for it:

  • Never pay for services upfront
  • Legitimate companies will deal with your insurance companies. They will not as for cash up-front
  • If you suspect a scammer, call police dispatch
  • If you hire a company, make sure that they are licensed, registered with the State of Kansas, and bonded.