Chillsner: Does it work?

Published On: Jul 23 2014 10:52:52 PM CDT   Updated On: Jul 23 2014 10:53:26 PM CDT

They call themselves Barley's Angels, a group of Wichita beauties who meet for beer. The topic of conversation centers on a cold one.

They meet once a month here at the "River City Brewing Company."

"Nobody likes warm beer," member Jennifer Jones said.

The women have agreed to help us test the "Chillsner."  Jennifer leads our testing of this drink-thru, in-bottle, beer chiller.  We bought a set of two for $29.95.  That does not include shipping.

The instructions say to take a drink of your beer before putting in the "Chillsner." 

Our "Barley's Angels" take the "Chillsners"--which have been in the freezer for 45 minutes.  They quickly learn the "Chillsner" only works on a 9-inch bottle.  So, Jennifer switches it to a taller bottle.

But Celeste McCabe says her beer isn't completely chilled.  That's probably because we had the ladies start with warm beer to see how quickly the "Chillsner" could cool it.

"Still kind of warm.  But, it started at room temperature.  I think if we started off with a chilled beer... it would be different," Jennifer said.  So, Jennifer switches to a chilled Corona.  And...

"Very cold," Jennifer said.

We let the brew crew enjoy their beer for a bit, before we check back in.

"The bottle is still cold.  Yes.  It's still quite cold," Jennifer said.

She says it was colder than you might expect for a Corona sitting in the sun 15 minutes.  Jennifer also says it didn't feel awkward drinking through the "Chillsner" and it didn't impact the taste of her frosty beverage.

Does it work?

"Yes," Jennifer said.

The makers say it uses a thermal coolant to keep it cool.  On "Chillsner's" website it says once frozen, a "cooling gel transforms (the) chillsner into an artic-like cooling device."