Campaign managers respond to Governor race poll

Published On: Oct 25 2013 05:39:50 PM CDT   Updated On: Oct 26 2013 04:46:02 PM CDT
Governor race survey

The race is on for the next Governor of Kansas and it is a tight one. One year from November, Kansas will have its 47th Governor. Campaigns for both the Republicans and Democrats are just getting started, but Eyewitness News wanted to know what is going through voters' minds right now. So we asked.

Of the 511 registered voters polled in our Exclusive Factfinder 12 Scientific Survey, 39% say if the election were today they would cast their ballot for Governor Sam Brownback and running-mate Jeff Colyer. 43% say they would vote for the democratic ticket of Paul Davis and Jill Docking.

Davis' campaign manager Adam Harris says the results prove a change in the electorate. "People are looking at policy priorities and not necessarily personalities. Seeing the path that Kansas has been going down under Governor Brownback is not a path towards commitment to our schools," said Harris.

Brownback's campaign manager David Kensinger believes the Governor will remain in office. "We intend to run hard, and even if the 38-40% Obama base has coalesced nationally behind the liberal candidate, there is a right majority in Kansas which is going to choose Kansas solutions over the Obama agenda," said Kensinger.

The survey asked the 481 who voted for a ticket if their mind was made up or if they might change it. 62% say their mind is made up and 33% say it might change.

"I think it shows that Kansas needs a Governor that's committed to strengthening our schools, restoring our middle class jobs and working cooperatively to solve our problems," said Harris.

"We suspect in 2014, Kansans will vote as they did in 2012, 2010, and in 2008. That's for Kansas common sense conservative solutions over the Obama agenda," said Kensinger.

The results also show of those who voted for Brownback in the last race, 59% plan to vote for him again. 25% say they will vote for the democrats in 2014.

Kensinger says the survey understates the Governor's support in 2010. "If you believe that Barack Obama is more popular in Kansas than Jerry Moran, which this same firm said this week, than you'll believe this poll too," he said.

Another interesting note from the survey comes when you breakdown voters by ideology. A majority of people who identify as "conservative" say they will vote for Brownback and a majority of people who say they are "liberal" say they will support Davis. Of the "moderates," only 28% say they would vote for Brownback if the election were today and 58% would pick Davis.

The survey has a ± 4.4% margin of error.