Bulldogs attack two Newton women

Published On: Mar 08 2014 10:36:40 PM CST   Updated On: Mar 08 2014 10:39:04 PM CST
(Newton, Kan.) -

Newton Police rescued two women after two bulldogs attacked them. Police say the dogs were vicious and they had to tase them.

When officers got to the scene, the dogs had one woman on the ground and was attacking her.

They wanted to shoot the dogs with their shotguns but they feared they might hurt the woman so instead they tased the bulldogs multiple times.

Linda Smith says she saw the dogs attacking another neighbor so she stepped in to help her but the dogs then attacked her.

"I wasn't really afraid when they were pulling on me. I was just hoping that they'd stop and they wouldn't. That was uppermost in my mind, are they gonna stop."

Both of the women were hospitalized and treated for their dog bites. The dogs are being held at Caring Hands Humane Society pending rabies test results.